Set of 10 etched lino prints with hand colouring 
Paper size: Each 92 x 61 cm approx.
Edition of 20 
Printed by: Hope [Sufferance] Press, London
Published by: Paragon Press, London 
image unavailable
IN PRINT, The Art Pavilion, Belgrade, Serbia, 2002
IN PRINT, Museum of Fine Arts, Yaroslav, Russia, 2002
IN PRINT, Urals Museum of Youth, Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2002
IN PRINT, Centre of Graphics and Printmaking, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2002
IN PRINT, Fine Art Gallery, Novosibirsk, Russia, 2002
IN PRINT, Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2002
IN PRINT, International Graphic Arts Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2003
IN PRINT, Hakodate Museum, Hakodate, Japan, 2003
IN PRINT, Marugame Museum of Contemporary Art, Marugame, Japan, 2003
IN PRINT, Tyler Print Institute, Singapore, Singapore, 2004
IN PRINT: PRINTS FROM THE PARAGON PRESS, National Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2005
IN PRINT, Museum of Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan, 2005
IN PRINT, USM ABN AMRO Art and Culture Centre, Penang, Malaysia, 2005
FIRST INTERNATIONAL ARTS PESTIVAL, WWT London Wetland Centre, London, 2006


Rosemary Harris. THE ART COLLECTION (cat.), Hammersmith Hospitals Charitable Trust, London, , 2009
IMPERIAL COLLEGE HEALTHCARE CHARITY: CONTEMPORARY ART COLLECTION (cat.), Imperial College Healthcare Charity, London, , 2016
THE QUEEN SONJA PRINT AWARD: WINNER AND NOMINEES 2018 , Queen Sonja Print Award, Oslo, Norway, 2018
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